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coverThe Witches of Naiad School

Molly is a student in Naiad school for witches. She can be a little bit cheeky sometimes and likes to do things in her own little ways. A lot of the time she does not listen to her teacher Miss Ethel and they constantly fight with each other. One day Molly has to take a very important spell exam that will take her to the next level of witchery. If this spell is not done correctly, well it could be a catastrophe. Will Molly follow the instructions carefully or decide to do things her way? Teaching values and importance of listening. Ages 3-7. Activities included also

SpNew Coverike, The Not So Nice Dinosaur (Available in Spanish also)

Spike the Dinosaur had not always been so nice. In fact, not too long ago, Spike was quite a MEAN dinosaur. He didn’t share his sandwiches, he didn’t understand honesty and he didn’t know how to say he was sorry.

But that was before Mike, the microraptor, showed him what kindness was and how he, too, could be a good dinosaur friend. Ages 3-7. Activities included also.


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P.K. Luker – Amazon customer – Highly recommended March 13, 2016

I read the story of Spike to my five year old grandson this morning and he really enjoyed it. It is a book with several useful messages for children. He particularly enjoyed the pictures and the games at the back. He made me promise to buy another of this author’s books soon, which of course I will.

Rep Ireland444

New CoverThe Clumsy Gnome

Tom is a jolly, clumsy and wonderfully mixed up gnome who lives with his fellow gnomes in their very happy tree home in Raisin House Garden.

It is time for the gnomes yearly Cake Sale and Party, an event that every gnome looks forward to. Each has a part to play, including Tom, though his clumsiness may get in the way. In the process he will learn that everyone has special talents, and sometimes, those talents can make even the biggest mix up, better.

This is a fun filled magical story about two children Seán and Ava who are having fun playing with bubbles when they get stuck in one and float off to a magical kingdom far away. They meet a king and queen pleading for help because the very silly jester has created a big mess in the kingdom and Seán and Ava are the only ones that can help. Join them on their magical crazy adventure where they work together to help save the kingdom from the very silly jester.





Joey is a boy that refuses to sleep in his bedroom alone. His mammy has to lie on the floor beside him but he will just talk and talk all night long. One night she tells him she used to be afraid of sleeping alone when she was little. What happens when she gives him some magic dust that brings him on a crazy adventure to a land of pirates that just don’t like to sleep!



new cover 8x10  CLUTTER LAND

Joey does not like to tidy up his toys, and his mother is constantly tripping over them. He just laughs and runs away when he is asked to tidy them up. Things change when Joey gets transported to Clutter Land that is full of toys but there is no room to play and he begins to see things differently.
Join Joey on his crazy adventure to Clutter Land where he meets silly Jumbles the monkey that loves bananas and Gooey the Frog and Fluster the ostrich that never heard the word ‘tidy up’



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