What Can Adults Learn From Children?

I was watching my kids and their friends playing in the park the other day and thinking there are days I would love to just be that kid again. Kids can be very positive to be around as adult life can sometimes get in the way of our thinking. We were once that kid before who was just happy and content. What got in the way of all that? Here’s what I’m learned from kids to remind ourselves again.

No Grey Areas

Kids don’t over analyse things and see another grey area for excuses. Like for instance there was a time when I was doing my first library reading for children, I had told my son I was a little nervous and not sure if I can go through with it. He gave me a puzzled look and said , “Why would you be nervous about that?” I thought about it for a moment and honestly couldn’t give him an answer. Why was I nervous? What’s the worst thing that could happen? Nothing at all.  We were once that kid who would climb up the highest tree and not think of the actual danger that could happen, so why are we nervous about things now? Sometimes as adults we tend to talk ourselves out of things as we build it up in our heads of things that can go wrong and tend not to think of what can go right. A child’s view is ‘don’t overthink at all and just get on with’ it which I did.


Kids are straight talkers and you know where you stand with them, which I love as I don’t have time to be led around of people feeding you a lot of crap when you know they’re lying. Also If you ask a child’s an opinion on something they will tell you they either ‘like or don’t like’. They are not doing it to be mean as that’s just their opinion that you asked for whether you like the answer or not. Honestly is always the best policy. As adults we tend to beat around the bush in case of hurting someone’s feelings by not giving an honest answer or telling them the stuff they think they want to hear, but in my opinion it’s always best to be upfront about things as you can save people from a harder fall in the long run.

No Hidden Agendas

Kids don’t have any hidden agendas of why they love someone. They love you unconditionally for who you are and don’t have any high expectations.

No Hidden Emotions

Kids don’t tend to hide their emotions and will tell you exactly how they feel and why. Even if it’s something you did on them without realising, or their friend annoyed them for e.g. As adults we tend to shut ourselves out a lot and it can be very frustrating trying to read  someone’s mind whether they are in a  bad mood with you or something else. If we are more upfront and honest in that area, we can help and address the issue quicker and move on instead of bottling things up.

Curious  Minds

Children are not afraid to ask question after question and don’t care how silly it might sound as they learn something new every day from it. As an adult, never be afraid to ask a question no matter how dumb you think it sounds as you will be surprised at the response and may learn something new yourself also.

No Grudges

Kids are more sensible than adults in this area, as when someone annoys them and they have an argument, it’s over and done with quickly and they don’t tend to dwell and hold a grudge and stop talking to the person for a while.

Live In The Moment

Kids live in the present. There is nothing like watching that happy contented face of when they are eating an ice-cream and just savouring every moment or making a little house from branches in the park. They don’t sit there and dwell on the past of what they ‘did, didn’t do’ etc. Yes, as adults it is important to have goals but sometimes we can tend to focus on that more and not stop and just relax and enjoy what it around us right now. We can’t solve the world’s problems so just take that moment, be that kid again relax, go play and have some fun.


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