Book Review. Help! I’m a Father, by Mark Hearn

This is a review of Help! I’m a Father, by Mark Hearn.  This book offers some great for tips advice on parenting and from a father’s point of view from birth to adult.

When I was pregnant with my first child I read all the standard books on parenting and I thought I had it all sussed until the actual reality set in. No one really told me about the actual little day to day events that will occur that I just wasn’t prepared for.


There is no one set rule for parenting
as each child/parent is always going to be different, but what I liked about this book, is that it is from a parent who has had experience with his own children and shares his story from the time his wife was pregnant up to they are adults. He is not telling parents what to do, but more telling how he handled things in his own situations and came out the right side. This is very refreshing and honest to read as it’s told from the heart. As a mother of young children myself there were a lot of incidents I could relate to in this and thinking ah that’s a good or better way of handling that situation etc.

I find this book very useful as my kids are still only young I am not yet prepared for the teenage years. Mark tells his stories all the way through and how he handled the sometimes awkward situations that may occur during those times. It gave great advice on how the importance of communication throughout parenting and trying to stay calm during those times.

This is a book I will be keeping as a reference and guide throughout my parenting. I would recommend this book for parents of children of all ages.  This is available on Amazon on paperback and kindle. Here is the link.


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