Confessions of a Mother  

This is a confession to my kids for when they are older. I will start off by saying, I really do love you both and would do anything for you and you know that as I tell you all the time.I will always be here for you, but that doesn’t mean you don’t drive me absolutely crazy at times!

  1. When you were a baby and I was looking at you on the monitor when you woke, sometimes the first thing I thought was damn will I have time for another cup of tea before you scream for your bottle. I sat there watching you while drinking my tea until I knew you were hungry but that was shortlived when you copped on to that one quick enough and started escaping from the cot.drinking-coffee
  2. Sometimes when I bring you to McDonald’s, it’s not because of a ‘treat’ . It’s more likely I’m too lazy to wash another dish and don’t have the will to cook that day so I can serve it to you and get into a debate about how good broccoli is.
  3. I miss the baby cage – this was known as your play pen where I could pop you in and know you wouldn’t follow me. There are times I just want that 10 minute shower without an audience.
  4. That extra TV time you get when it looks like I’ve given in to your demands is because I’m only too glad to zone out for another half hour or so.
  5. I actually enjoy going to the supermarket by myself and, no, the queues were not that long. I stayed in my car for an extra 20 minutes or so just so I could finish another chapter in a book.
  6. I don’t really have eyes in the back of my head. I just know when you are behind me being quiet you are up to no good.
  7. I am mentally keeping notes of anytime you drive me mad and will use it when you are older as a threat to embarrass you in front of your friends as my mother did to me. Now I can see why.
  8. Yes, I have used you as an excuse to get out of certain things.
  9. One of the things I like about going on holiday with you is the kids clubs that take you away for an hour or so. Sorry kid but Mammy needs her downtime also.
  10. I’m actually don’t feel guilty  sometimes  waving  you off at the school gate as I know I can get home and drink a full cup of tea to myself in peace.competition-1019774_1280
  11. There are times I’ve only brought you to the cinema so I can have a power nap.
  12. I’ve brought you on that play date so I can have a social life.
  13. I love watching you asleep. It’s not always because you look cute- it’s when my head starts to clear and I remember my own name.
  14. You had that extra ice-cream because I hadn’t got the will to argue. It wasn’t because you were being good earlier.
  15. That couple of times when I said the playground is closed… I wasn’t exactly telling the truth on some occasions. I just didn’t fancy sitting there getting dizzy watching you go up and down a slide while freezing my butt off.
  16. That extra tablet time you get sometimes in the evenings is because I’m too tired and can’t see in front of me to string the alphabet together, let alone read you a story.freedom
  17. I love the Christmas and Easter season as the threat of the little elves and the bunny spying on your every move and watching your fear saves me some bother when you can act up.
  18. The time the tooth fairy forgot to leave you money one night may have been my fault. She did make up for it the next day though.
  19. I also drove my mother up the wall with my behaviour when I was younger but I will let you know more about that when you are older when I’m happy relaxed Grandma and I’m handing  chocolate sweets to your kids as you walk out the door.



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2 thoughts on “Confessions of a Mother  

  1. Well, you know your child but mine would be shattered to be given this. Hopefully you will give your child another list of why you love him and how he has improved your life. While many mothers could identify with this, a child of any age might feel hurt and ashamed. If you told these things one at a time in a joking manner at relevant moments, it probably be fine but a numbered list like this seems like a hammer to the head . IMHO. If you were kidding about giving it to him, then that was funny and honest.


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