Escape Electronic Land

For the Generation Z Children

Mother suffers regret,

The day she bought the tablet.

She thought her son,

Would think it be fun,

But that was to be seen yet.


Mother was sad that day,

Of her son not wanting to play,

On a nice sunny day.


The noise of the device,

Was not very nice.

The constant distraction and yelling,

Of what people are selling.


Mother goes to bed,

Where she fills her head,

With dreams to relieve the noise,

And kids to play with toys.


Mother came from a world that was different. They played out in the streets with real people and talked and laughed with them.

They made up their own games with cardboard boxes and sometimes watched the foxes.

Where could he be?

He is not in the park – no children are,

He is not in the playroom so he must be gone far.

empty playground

“Hey,” his friends say,

“I know where he likes to play.

Go to his device,

And search for user name twice.”


Friend helps mother seek her son.

She finds a website that looks fun.

He logged out at two,

After he said what he’s going to do.


She finds him under the bed,

And then she said,

“My child, you need to be real,

You need to feel,

You need to play in the day,

On a nice sunny day.


Feel the sand,

In your hand.

Feel the air,

Against your hair.

Have fun in the sun,

Life is not long,

And one day we all be gone.”

By Denise McCabe



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5 thoughts on “Escape Electronic Land

  1. I often wonder is it harder these days alright ☺ When we were kids we played out all day, no matter what the weather was like. Our house was cleaner cos not as much junk toys. These days it’s hard to get time, as it’s arranged playdates and actively bringing them out more. A pot of stew and porridge would have done us for the day and we got toys twice a year for birthdays and Christmas.


    • I try to limit it as much as possible, sometimes it has its uses though if I need to get housework done etc but lately it’s all they want to do. My childhood was so different. A cardboard box and a piece of rope would entertain me all day ☺

      Liked by 1 person

      • So true times are so different! I think parenting these days is so much more difficult. I even got my Grandma to agree… she babysitting my niece and says it’s way different than when she was a mom!


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