Declutter Your House And Mind

So for the last 7 years my house has been an absolute disaster.  I’ve only got two kids but I feel like I’m been invaded by the thrash monsters.  I’ve no space to even to put a cup down sometimes.  I’m fed up moaning at them to tidy their toys away and fighting with my myself over the stress of clutter.  I decided, enough is enough, I need to get on top of this once and for all before I get lost in clutter and a search and  rescue team will have to find me.

First thing, ask yourself What is the main issue in the house?  Do I really need a full playroom of toys that the kids hardly play with and half the time they don’t realise what’s there anyway?


So start off with your big bin bag,

  1. Any toy that is broken.
  2. Stuff that hasn’t been played with in last 3 months. Be ruthless, even if it’s a really good toy, they’ve played with only once, it has to go. I know it’s hard getting rid of good stuff but do it
  3. Does your daughter really need 15 frozen/Barbie dolls? My guess is no
  4. Cuddly toys, how many teddy bears can one child have or need? Unless it’s the favourite one they bring to bed, dump it. 2 or 3 is enough stuffed animals.
  5. If clothes are anyway too small, they’ve to go. Gather all the good ones and put them into a separate bag.  Get the kids involved and tell them it’s for charity and how good they are at helping.Some places even buy bags of clothes, it’s only a couple of euros but it’s exciting for the kids when told they can get a little treat.
  6. Do you really need 6 duvet and pillow cases for each bed? 2 or 3 is enough.
  7. How many plates and cups have you in the house? My guess too many. You’ll keep on top of dishwashing more when it’s minimal and try to always put them away immediately.
  8. 2/3 times a week, have your kids go around with a bag and tell them they have to fill it with at least 5 pieces of rubbish. Even if it’s only a bit of paper on the ground, you’d be surprised at the excitement of how much rubbish they can get and especially when they can earn a reward at the end of the week.
  9. I know their drawings are great, but you don’t need to keep every crayon scribble artwork they’ve done since they’ve been born. Buy some folders and put the really good ones in. Your child can decorate that also.
  10. Have a place for everything. It’s so much easier to tidy up at the end of the day. Even if it’s a few coloured storage boxes in the corner.
  11. Try to only keep some things that are sentimental. It’s hard getting rid of stuff but ask yourself. In ten years time, will this stuff mean anything to me? If I had to leave my house tomorrow with only one bag,  what are the main things I’d bring with me? Apart from bringing my children with me, I realised that I only really have handful of stuff that is precious to me


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