You know you’re turning into your mother

When you say things like,

Eat that broccoli or you won’t get big and strong -I hated broccoli but the fear of not eating it was worse even till this day.

‘Money doesn’t grow on trees you know’

In my day, we hadn’t got that.  We had to make do with fresh air if we were lucky. ( But Mammy, I can breathe fresh air while playing with my toy) OK, that makes sense alright!!!

Put your coat on or you’ll freeze…and no I don’t care if it’s 28 degrees outside, you can still catch a cold. (Forget about the fact they could dehydrate)

Ah sure, a bit of fresh air and a run around will tire them out for bed ( if only I had a large hamster wheel)

Brush those teeth or you’ll have none left in your head (yeah that gave me some nightmares as a child of monsters with teeth stuck to their heads)

The one thing I don’t say however, is ‘Sleep tight or the boogey man will get you’ (That’s the most creepiest thing anyone can say to a child before sleep time)

Those feelings of guilt at dinnertime

  • Eat your dinner
  • But Mammy I’m not hungry
  • Yes you are, think about the starving children in other countries

Now my mother is sadly not here anymore, the one thing I want to say back to her is ‘You were right about everything and Mammy does know best’



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