Children’s Halloween Party Ideas

It’s that time of year again with scary ghosts and hyper children with too much trick or treats.  We all know the old traditions, bobbing apples and snap apple, they always go down well at children’s parties.  Here’s some ideas if you are having a little party and want them to burn off excess energy.hall

Peanut Nose Racing

Have a race with monkey nuts but the catch is that they are only allowed use their nose to push the nuts.

Guess the ghost.

Get the kids to dress up as ghosts with some white sheets and give themselves a silly ghost name. Have them  all stand in a line and one by one they make a ghost noise. One person (without a sheet) has to walk along and guess who the ghost is by name only. If they are wrong they have to go again.  If they are right they switch sheets with that person and they are now the ghost.

Trick or treat relay race

Fill up two small paper/plastic plates with grapes/blueberries as much you can.  This works best if you have around 6 to 8 children or so.  If not then get an adult involved. Divide into two teams.  Get half of both teams to stand at opposite ends of the room.  The first players of each team holds a plate and races to the end of the room to their team mate and passes the plate to them. That person then runs back to the other side of the room and passes the plate to the other team mate and so on.  The secret is not to drop any grapes.  When the all the players have taken a turn running, the race is finished and the team that has the most grapes is the winner.  This can work with lots of things and is hilarious if you have a plate of jelly.

Have a great Halloween

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