Halloween Activities for Children

It’s that time of year and kids are all excited as they are finished for the school holidays. You’re thinking, this is great, no rushing out the door in the mornings, getting lunches and school uniforms ready, it’ll be nice and relaxing. Yeah, I find that thought works great for the first half hour until you hear them both in unison ‘Mammy, Mammy , Mammy I’m bored , what’s next? Where are we going? What will we do today? I’m hungry…

Then I’m thinking HELP!!!!

So here are some activities we do on the run up to Halloween which keeps them entertained for more than 5 minutes.

 Garden Ghosts

These look really cool in the garden. What you need

  • Some old white pillow cases or sheets
  • Branches
  • Sticky tape
  • Black Marker

Get two branches, one around 6/7 inches long and other around 3 inches. The long one will be the ‘body’ and smaller one for the ‘arms’ . Make them into a cross like shape using sticky tape to attach the arms like a matchstick man. Cut up your pillow case or sheets into squares. Draw some eyes and a mouth with the black marker and hang over the branch. I usually make around ten and stick them all around the garden. This is simple and fun to make especially for the younger kids.


Skeleton Picture

. What you need

  • Black and white sheets of paper
  • Paper Glue

Get a picture of a skeleton as a guide and start drawing all the different bones onto the white paper. If your children are old enough get them to help cut the bones out from the paper. When all that’s done, using your glue starting from the head, stick the bones to the black paper and build your skeleton. This is also a fun and educational game as the children are learning about the human body as they go along. You can make these any size you want and they are great for the younger children.

Scary Hands

These can be placed anywhere and they look great sticking out from the floor. You will need

  • Rubber Glove
  • PVA Glue
  • Paint, (Grey and Red preferably)
  • Newspaper

Ask your kids to tear up loads of newspaper into little strips. They will love doing this as it’s messy. In the meantime, get a bowl of water and put some dollops of PVA glue in and stir. Put the strips of paper in the bowl and let them soak for a few minutes.

Blow the rubber glove up a little to get the guide for the hand. Tape it at the end to keep the air in. Get your strips of paper and one by one cover the whole hand entirely. Leave this to dry for a few hours. Overnight is best. When the hand is dry you can start painting. I find the grey zombie like colour works best with some red paint for blood. This is suitable for all ages. The younger ones can get a little inpatient waiting for it to dry so that’s why it’s best to leave it overnight and start again first thing in morning.

You can do the above and make all sorts of things, like

Pumpkins. (Do not put the candles in however)

Trick or treat bowls and Cauldrons. You can use a use a beach ball for this and take the air out when the paper is hard.


Thanks for reading and I hope these activities will keep your little ones entertained for a bit

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