What I’ve learned since becoming a parent


  1. I know nearly every nursery rhyme song and I now compare my life to Peppa Pig and that’s ok.
  2. Sleep was once a luxury I took for grantedchaos-485496_1280
  3. Kids always time it down to the split second that they urgently as a matter of life and death need to go to the toilet as soon as the house is locked up and car started . Never fails!!!!
  4. My head is like a clock and everything is timed and planned down to the second military style and now I value every spare moment and am amazed at what can be done in little time that’s not wasted.
  5. My brain never switches off.
  6. I can now plan what i’m going to eat for a week and that’s not using a take away menu and telephone.
  7. I read recipes and sometimes I can even follow them through.
  8. I learn to think about other people and now I get upset at every little thing that is remotely similar to my life.
  9. When I go to a clothes shop for myself, I feel guilty and buy the kids something instead.
  10. I realise my house has shrunk since I moved in and I have no room for anything.
  11. I hate ,hate the film Frozen.
  12. I always feel guilty about something related to the children.
  13. My father who is a pensioner is no different than my toddler as they have the same needs except one is cuter than the other.
  14. I will never drink a full cup of tea in peace…ever!!coffee-36726_1280
  15. Trying to have a conversation on the telephone makes children need you more and their voice escalates into a wailing sirens.
  16. Going to the bathroom on your own is a luxury I once took for granted.
  17. I get jealous of octopuses with their smug long extra arms.
  18. I get upset for things that may or may not happen in ten years time when my kids are teenagers.
  19. I still hate the thought of going to the dentist more than giving birth to two children.
  20. People don’t want to know how you’re doing anymore; you have blended into the background of these little people.
  21. Little boys really know how to knock a punch exactly where it hurts.
  22. I now look at parents in the street and analyse what they are doing and see if I can get some tips.
  23. I now get what my mother was trying to tell me all the years I was growing up.
  24. Did I mention I hate the film Frozen!!!!!

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