Mother’s Going Back To Work

While going back to work after having children can be not only an emotional experience , it can also be a quite daunting experience when juggling things around. Here’s below just some of the things we can do to make it just a little bit easier at times.


  1. Always cook twice the amount for dinner and freeze it up. Let in thaw out in fridge the night before and it’s then ready to microwave in 4 minutes.
  1. Wash all clothes at weekend and plan everything out from uniforms to changing clothes.

  1. Always make lunches the night before.
  1. When you are on lunch break take the time out and enjoy it. Go for that little stroll or shopping and have coffee with friends.
  1. Make sure their homework is done early, whether it’s done in the after-school or if you’re lucky enough to sit down with them in the afternoon if you work part time. There’s  nothing worse than trying to get tired children to focus on homework.
  1. Do all your shopping online. This gives you time to think about exactly what you want and not get any impulse buys, therefore it’s cheaper.
  1. Start getting kids ready early for bed and relax in the evenings. I don’t even try to get my own stuff done until they’re in bed. Once they’re asleep that’s my time to talk to some grown ups or whatever it is you like doing in the evenings really.
  1. Give yourself 30/40 minutes in the evening to tidy up. If it not all done by then, it’s not a big deal. The house won’t fall down. I’ve given up on trying keeping my house tidy like it was before the kids came along. It’s not possible. That will only last a few years anyway and you will get the house back to normal when they’re older.
  1. Finally, stop feeling guilty. As long as your kids as happy and healthy that’s the main thing. My kids love the crèche as they have made some great friends and sometimes they don’t want to leave when I collect them.


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