Sleeping alone issues with my toddler

Finally after six years I now have my evenings back to myself.  Since my child was old enough to see he didn’t like being by himself so imagine what it was like to put him into his own bedroom for the first time.  Not good! First time I walked out of room, he screamed so much that I thought he was possessed by demons.  Not only that, his head would shake in a strange way that made Linda Blair look normal in Exorcist.  I couldn’t leave the room. I decided to stay for a few minutes and lie on floor. That was grand; he settled down and was content until 10 minutes later when we tried to leave, screaming and shaking started. After a month of this and not getting anywhere, I decided not to bother trying as too tired so I would end up sleeping on the floor. This eventually led to two year later (it’s amazing how quick time can go). Enough was enough, I knew the longer I was leaving it the worse it was getting. As he got older, and he and started to talk, he realised he could talk all night long. So many things I tried, like bribes, 10 stories, lights on, even let him use IPOD in the room if he stayed by himself. I asked him what was he scared of and does he know that we are not far away. One night I decided to ask him what he thought all the sounds in the house were and he said, it’s monsters at night… That night I brought him to bed and turned off the lights and closed the door. I asked him to tell me what he could hear and it was amazing all the little sounds in the house I’d never hear.. Did you know that bulbs make noises when just turned off. So that was my plan for the next six months, sat with him and explained all sounds and slowly he let me leave the room for a short time without freaking out and I’d come back and check him.. Now our routine is story time, lights out and sounds for 2 minutes and sleep 🙂

This was what inspired me to do publish my first picture book ‘The Adventures of Joey who would not sleep.’

Denise McCabe Books can be found on



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